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Kikaiya isa strategy and design consultancy founded by roboticists and designers, committed to creating impact by improving the user experience through the interplay of robotic technology and people-focused design.

Kikaiya means “Machine House.” Did not want the symbol to be over-the-top MACHINE HOUSE. You know, with a house and gears or something like that? We wanted to keep a positive twist to the logo. Three words we want people to feel when they see the branding: Bold, Thoughtful, Empowering. Client Likes: Saturated colors, red, black, white, orange, purple. Client disliked: Facebook blue, pink, pastels, yellow (as a major color), neon/brights (again as major color)


Use the Japanese symbol for “YA” in the logo mark. But, not using the exact symbol, just use some of the characteristics from the mark. Use a nice bold orange and contrasting charcoal for our color palette to make a bold impression. Keep everything clear, crisp and simple.



Color Palette
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