Case Study


We needed to convert more registered users and gather their information. The previous site was setup to serve CPM advertising with a content style website. It was meant to get users into the content and click through pages. Serving ads and generating revenue. It did not provide a user to log in to the site. We needed to collect users information. The “voice” and experience of the site needed to change to match the user as well.


Change the website from a content framed site, to a product website. The hero section when you logged in suggested the user to give us their information to access the site and the great tools. But did not require them to register to assess the content providing a transparent UX. We featured the main tools as a reason to signup for the website. The content was still featured on the site, but as a secondary item. The Featuring the tools at the top of the site gave reason for the user to give their information. We introduced a “benefits” UX to reinforce reason for the information transaction. The bounce rate on the page went from 57% to 37%.



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