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NoWait is a application for customers to check into a location and get in line right from their phone. Restaurants sign up for the platform from their desktop of mobile application. The challenge here was to rebrand and change how the user comes to the site to download the application or sign up for the services. The previous site was confusing for the user to figure out who they were, and get to the download quickly. We needed to make it more intuitive for the user to get to the service quickly and from a mobile device especially. The previous NoWait branding was out of date during the UX overhaul. So we worked with the NoWait team as well as an agency in NYC to rebrand and develop the new look for the app.


A fully responsive framework was built so no matter if the user was on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, the experience was friendly. Right from the home page we give the user the ability to select who they are with one click. If it is a guest, they are taken directly to the App for a free download. If a restaurant owner, then they are directed to more information about the NoWait services.

We also gave the site a refresh that went with the new branding, and web design trends. A nice flat outline style UI set was developed for the rebrand as well.

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