Case Study


On-top of a fresh new look and design. This case came with a few needs. One, the client had a previous website that was build in basic HTML. They wanted to be able to update the site on their own without having to wait for the turnaround time of a web developer. Two, they needed to better their Search Engine results. The location of the shop if great, but the web presence was lacking. And last we needed a mobile and social solution.


What we did was bring their site onto a WordPress Content Management System. This framework is responsive for a great mobile experience. This also allows the client to update their content freely. We presented setup the entire site and made it very easy to navigate the content for updates. Second we utilized a lot of the WordPress features to help Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We raised the Google search results from 24th to 5th in less than one month post launch. And presented an established, warm and inviting website in the process. Visit the Website.

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Web Design & Dev
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Mobile Website Design & Dev
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